A beautiful and unique winged fish found in a tomb in San Agustin, in the Andean mountains, would have had to fly enormous physical - but above all cultural -  distances to travel from the Pacific Ocean, where winged fish abound, to the summits where the Magdalena and Cauca  rivers, which flow north
The Winged Fish is one of the most important pieces of the Gold Museum, this pendant cast in the shape of a fish with wings represents the mythical union of two worlds: water and air, with this piece visitors can discover how these societies (San Agustín) conceived the universe, as well as the contact that the shaman had 


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Half of its population could disappear in 50 years, because although it can live up to 200 years, according to this NGO, the number of specimens has decreased by 78% since 1989. Their growth is slow and human actions hinder their reaching adulthood.
“Volunteers bring three valuable things on each trip: needed supplies, eager hands to help with daily chores and upkeep, and a readiness to share their unique skills with our community”.


Examples of crafted Colombia's heritage are silverware, basketry, tapestry, ceramic plates, wood masks, and finely woven objects, produced in different regions and by a cross-section of indigenous groups. Colombian artisan are getting worldwide acknowledgment for the hard work and dedication.
"Vueltiaos Hats are woven by fibers, natural of cane arrow, the number of fibers at the moment of the fabric is what defines the quality of each hat and the useful life, being the less fine is the 12 fibers and the extra fine the 33 fibers"


We try that in your travels through Colombia you can get to know the work of talented people in art, music, cooking, design, literature, painters and many other areas then you can have first hand contact with our culture in all its expressions.